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I started this journal when I was sixteen. Now I'm edging up to my 20th birthday. This is certainly the longest that I have stayed with one journal-- though, in fairness, that may partially be due to lack of physical pages in other logs.

I'm trudging through schoolwork like a sport during this, my medical extension. Focus evades me most of the time, but damn it, I'll make it through somehow. When I simply can't write papers anymore, I move from my bed to my desk and tip-tap-tip at my typewriter. My work on my YA novel (so short, yet so long in the making! Like all of my novels) is moving along well today.

stitch after stitch

Looks like LJ is still letting me use my Elvis mood theme from when I had a paid account. Fantastic! If only I still had my 103 user pics... but I just don't spend enough time on LiveJournal to merit the cost. The fact that I once had enough time for luxuries like working on a mood theme is unbelievable now that I've been in college for more than a year, with an increased credit load each semester. Then again, we college students often complain of not having enough time to, say, free read, or just relax, when in reality we're spending hours a day goofing off online, etc. Many of us can make time for the things we really want to do, but spend so much time procrastinating from work and doing the things that aren't important to us that by the time we get everything done we really don't have time. So in reality, I could probably make a mood theme even today if I didn't spend hours on my RSS feeder pre-homework every day. But I digress.

Usually at this time (4:32 AM) I'm just beginning the struggle for sleep, but tonight I went to bed so early that I got all of the sleep I needed before 4 AM. This isn't really correcting my sleep schedule, but it's a start. At least today I'll be able to make it to class instead of sleeping through it, which has been a problem. I'm scared of the repercussions. I'm working on going to bed early enough that I won't groggily sleep through my alarm. I've been a night owl since I was about seven, so rewiring my inner clock is hard to do and even harder to keep up. But it's really my only attractive option.

I'm applying to go to Vietnam with 10 or so other Marlboro students during Spring vacation. I'm mostly done with the application, but I'll hold on to it for a few days to make sure I've said everything I want to, and done so in the most eloquent manner. There are three possible groups I could be part of. One will focus on painting, spending lots of studio time in a Vietnamese fine arts school and studying both folk art and French-style impressionist paintings. Another trip would take me on hikes to remote areas where temple architecture is left behind from the Champa, Vietnam's former and long-running kingdom. The third trip would take me to a village in Vietnam to map water quality and study conservation, helping the people of nearby villages. Any of these trips would be amazing; it's really been hard to choose a favorite. I'm making it clear on the form that my interest in the trip is journalistic, which would make any of these trips perfectly suited for me.

Speaking of my interest in journalism, the first issue of the Citizen with me as editor was released to rave reviews from many students and faculty members. I'm proud of the work I did, and proud of the staff I hired and all of the guest writers. Everyone did an amazing job. The Citizen still has to get better as the year progresses, though. I'll make sure that this happens.

All right, well, I should probably use the rest of my morning productively. (Not that I'm not producing something right now.) I'm leaving late tonight to go home for the extended weekend, and haven't begun to pack yet. Again, it's all about doing the things that are actually needed in the moment.
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Sup biznatches.

I've been doing all sides of nothing. I spend most of my time on Facebook, but in between profile updates and Wall posts I'm actually quite productive. My entry title isn't a copy-and-paste, it's the fruition of my ultra-elementary study of Chinese. Now, Chinese isn't a language I thought I'd learn over the course of my life, but as it turns out I have a fondness for Chinese revolutionary literature and a promised solo tutorial from the head of the Asian Studies department so long as I get one semester of Chinese out of the way. I like Chinese, actually. The tones aren't as hard to grasp as I expected, and the characters are certainly pretty. The only thing that gets me is that it's such a hard language to learn that it will take years before I can translate even the simplest sentence found in literature... not at all like a romance language. There's no immediate gratification to be found in 中文.

Francais, on the other hand, is both beautiful and immediately useful, and I'm hoping to get a tutorial in that as well from the new applied linguistics prof.

For all my searching I have not found a job, but at least come Fall I'm back on payroll for the school newspaper. No, wait, I'll be RUNNING the payroll. I'm editor-in-chief now. Fuck yeah. It's not much more money, but I really care about this publication and I know I'll do great things with it.

I don't need the cash, anyway. This summer I've been working on my novel, and that's time better spent for a person who doesn't have any immediate need for money. It would be nice as hell to have some extra $$$, but I'll get by with the occasional household task rigorous enough to deserve payment.

I have a hepcat boyfriend who is my polar opposite- a techie programmer math geek who hates literature. I live for writing and can barely use keyboard shortcuts. How this works out so well is beyond me.